Model SEI-450

The Model SEI-450 is a modular design, microprocessor controlled type-wheel machine that pulls, measures, stamps short and long spacing, counts and cuts the wire automatically. The pressure, temperature, dwell time, stamp spacing, character selection, wire length and number of pieces are readily adjustable. Standard machine comes with two programs.

laser System 2 UV

The Laser System UV is PC based wire marking system complete with laptop for compact operation. It will pull, measure, count, and cut and mark wire cable.

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A Family owned and operated business. We specialize in quick turnaround. Most orders are shipped within 10 days. 1 to 2 days with surcharge. We use a variable mandrel system, which permits us to make any size tube usually without a mandrel charge. Engineering service to assist you with your technical questions.

Our Main Product Offerings
  • System 2 UV
  • SEI-450
  • SEI-250
  • SEI-150
  • SEI-50
  • Wire Marking Accessories
  • Wire Marketing Foil
  • Dielectric Kraft Tubing
  • Phenolic Impregnated Kraft Tubing
  • Volconized Fibre Tubing
  • Nomex Tubing
  • Ce-quib 1, II V
  • Fibergalass Tubing
  • Combination Material Tubing
  • Other Material Tubing