Model PMC
Machine Specifications

Operator Interface Panel:
The PMC is operated through an operator interface panel.  The operator can set the number of pieces, dwell timesei250
(if Required), wire length and start the run.

The machine will automatically stop and an indicator light will go on if shear actuation in not completed, or a stall is detected.  When the problem has been solved, the machine may be restarted without losing the logic already programmed.

Wire Length:
The wire can be measured and cut in lengths in .1 inch increments by entering the desired length on the operator interface panel.  The PMC uses a digital encoder (riding the wire) so wire length is extremely accurate.

Number of Pieces:
The number of pieces of wire required may be programmed by entering the desired number on the operator interface panel.  The machine will automatically stop pulling wire when the programmed number of pieces is reached.

The Machine may be stopped with the stop switch and restarted with the resume switch without affecting the programmed length, mark spacing or number of pieces.

Dwell Time:
Dwell time is microprocessor controlled and may be set in .01second increments.  Dwell time can be used as a base when slaved to machines which do not have the ability to send a return computer signal.

Automatic Control:
The Machine is provided with a 4-pin receptacle so that a cable from a cutting and stripping machine may be plugged in and remotely control the stamping sequence.

Programming Features:

Stall Detect
if the machine detects a stall in the pulling of the wire one-tenth of an inch, the program will immediately shut down preventing compromise of the insulationPause between Shear
A delay between pieces may be programmed into the machine to allow the operator time to remove the marked wire from the coil pan before the next piece is run.


Electrical Supply:
The PMC requires 120 volt 60 HZ 10 AMP supply. We can provide for 230 volt 50 HZ at a nominal added cost.

Air Supply:
Supply air should be 100 to 120 PSIG with a water filter at the entrance to the machine. NO oiler should be used.