Model SEI-50
Wire Marking Machine Specifications

Wire Limits:
The SEI-50 will hot stamp wire with insulation of various materials from .040 to .250 in diametersei50

Stamp Characters:
Each type wheel has 26 letters, 10 numbers, left arrow, right arrow, dash and blank.  They can be furnished in either vertical or horizontal reading.  They are hardened and hard chrome plated for lasting quality. (Special characters are available at an extra charge)

Foil can be furnished in various colors and will accommodate the standard insulation materials.  Foil feed is infinitely adjustable to the desired spacing.

The temperature of the type wheels is automatically controlled by the temp-control, heater and thermocouple.  Temperature may be infinitely adjusted from 0°F to 600°F.

Wire Fixtures:
Wire Guide fixtures can be furnished for various wire sizes.

Manual Control:
The Machine is furnished with a foot pedal that will plug into a socket on the machine for manual operation.

Automatic Control:
The Machine is provided with a 4-pin receptacle so that a cable from a cutting and stripping machine may be plugged in and remotely control the stamping sequence.

Type Wheels:
Standard type wheels of your choice and quantity are provided with the machine and are normally positioned on the mandrel, five on each side with a 1.70 inch space in between the wheels so that it can be used with a cutting and stripping machine.  More wheels may be used (at added cost) but for each two wheels added, the center space will be reduced .20 inch.  All ten wheels may be centered on the mandrel if so desired.  A fast operating type selector bar is provided to adjust the wheels to the desired characters visually selected through a magnifier.

Stamp Pressure:
The stamping pressure may be adjusted from 0 to 60 PSIG by an air pressure regulator with a pressure gauge.  The air pressure controls the diaphragm-type actuator that requires no oil and withstands many actuations without failure.

Dwell Timer:
The solid state electronic dwell timer is adjustable for 0 to 1 second and will lock in at the fastest speed that most cutting and stripping machines will operate.

Electrical Supply:
The SEI-50 requires 120 volt 60 HZ 4 AMP supply. We can provide for 230 volt 50 HZ at a nominal added cost.

Air Supply:
Supply air should be 100 to 120 PSIG with a water filter at the entrance to the machine. NO oiler should be used.

Operational Features:
The Machine will not operate if the type lock bar is not in place or the foil sensing bar has engaged the “out of foil” switch.  These are required for quality stamping.  Do not change.

Attachments are available to use the Model SEI-50 Wire Marking Machine for stamping and cutting plastic tubing.