Wire Marking Accessories

Part Number  Description Base Price
AS-1390 Datasheet High Frequency Sine Wave Spark Tester. Requires P/N AS-1391 baseplate. Features a vacuum port to disperse ozone if required. $4526.00
AS-1391 Baseplate, Spark Tester (Future requirements should order machine with this larger baseplate) $445.00
AS-1528 Large Shear for wire larger than 12ga. (To upgrade existing shear only) $570.00
AS-1538 Mounting table. Must be ordered if ordering AS-1540 dereeler. $773.00
AS-1540 Dereeler Assembly. D.C. Motor Drive. Requires AS-1538 table. $2,219.00
AS-1681 High torque motor option $300.00
DRUM PAY OUT Feeds wire marking machine with wire from wire drums to improve speed. Call factory
EXTENDED WARRANTY Per machine, per year. Must be in place before current warranty expires. $650.00
PLASMA PRE-TREAT For SEI-1000. Pre-treats the wire to provide a better marking surface for better adhesion. Call for pricing
PROGRAMMING Additional programming beyond basic program $395.00 per programm
RESPOOLER Re-spools the wire onto wire spools after marking Call factory
SCHIMMELMAN Model SEI-200 conversion to SEI-450 (additional cost) $4,590.00
SERVICE CONTRACT Installation, set-up and training, includes travel. One day only. $2,500.00
TRAINING One day on-site, wire marking technology & operation of machine. $450.00 + Expenses
Type Wheels Type wheels may be ordered in any quantity, in either horizontal or vertical type and varying radius of type depending upon wire gauge marked. Included on each type wheel are 26 alpha characters (A to Z), all numbers (0 to 9), a dash, period and slash. Optional characters available at an additional cost. Must be ordered for each machine, except for loose type machines. 395.00 ea
UV CURE For SEI-1000. Sets the ink for a more durable mark. Call for pricing
Wire Fixtures Wire fixtures are required to position the wire in the machine for optimal marking and protection of wire insulation. Fixtures are ordered according to wire gauge size. Call the factory for exact sizing. $135.00 ea